Is your child dreading going back to school? Maybe he needs to talk to this kid.

This is Kevin, who gave a memorably lively interview with a Fox 7 in Austin, Tex. about just how excited he is to return to school. Specifically, Kevin is fired up for the fourth grade and then fifth grade and then college.

It's the kind of enthusiasm we wish he could've shared with this terrified tot.

As a new student, Kevin is determined to make friends (one tip for doing so, Kevin: do not be the kid in class who raises his hand to remind the teacher she forgot to assign homework. No one likes that kid.).

But Kevin really saves the best for last, when he goes off on a tangent about how he doesn't need protective gear while riding a bike before reminding wishing all the other students luck.

We don't know what kind of year he's going to have, but one thing is clear: it's going to be tough for him to top the first day of school when it comes to memorable moments.

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