We don't often get into politics here on theFW, mostly because those guys don't need us to make fun of them; they do a great job of that on their own. That, however, will not stop Stephen Colbert from asking everybody on his show about the current political situation. Even if they're Kermit the Frog.

This clip is worth watching just for Kermit constantly derailing Colbert's attempts to get him to offer...well...any political analysis whatsoever. After all, Kermit is just there to promote his new movie coming out next week.

Colbert responds by putting Kermit in the hot seat, asking him about his history with Guy Smiley and his past as a newsman. In the end, Kermit acquiesces and offers...a string of cliches worthy of CNN.

We think this is the key to a great new show. Politics would be a lot more palatable if they were analyzed entirely by Muppets. Or possibly if we replaced all the politicians with Muppets. Statler and Waldorf could be the commentators!

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