Some would say that Katy Perry's singing is for the dogs, but we're pretty sure this cover of 'California Gurls' by the pooches of The Pet Collective is meant as a tribute to the pop star.

In the video, 'Katy Puppy' barks out the lyrics to the summer hit of 2010 in front of the candyland background of the original video. The musical pup is joined by the canine version of Snoop Dogg, who rapped on the song. Of course Snoop Dogg has become "Snoop Lion," but that would have probably made shooting the video considerably more dangerous.

In the clip, Katy Puppy's background singers are cats. Perhaps the video can lead to a detente in the timeless battle between the housepets.

Did you already know the lyrics of the song well enough that you can translate them from dog? If so, which of the versions do you prefer? (And, no, "The Beach Boys" is not an option, as that's a different song altogether.)

But the Pet Collective didn't stop at Katy Perry. See their parodies of songs by Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction below.

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