In everybody's secret 'Titanic' fantasy, Kate Winslet marries Leonardo DiCaprio while Celine Dion plays in the background.

Well, back in real life, Kate Winslet just got married for the third time. And, for the third time, it wasn't to Leo.  (Although good old Jack Dawson was not only at the ceremony, but he gave the bride away.)

Instead the 37-year-old was wed to a man named Ned Rock'nRoll. Yes, this really happened.

Rock'nRoll was born Ned Abel Smith and is the nephew of billionaire Richard Branson, which is perhaps what gave him the financial flexibility to give himself a surname that looks so ridiculous in print.

In fact, Winslet and Rock'nRoll's relationship seemed to have begun last year after they both narrowly escaped a house fire while vacationing on Branson's private island in the Caribbean.

This is the second marriage for Rock'nRoll, 40.

Given the martial history of the newlyweds -- and the predictive nature of the groom's last name -- maybe there still is hope for those Winselt/DiCaprio nuptials.