Kate Upton was revealed as the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover model on Monday night's episode of 'The Late Show With David Letterman.'

OK, everybody and their grandmother already knew the buxom blond had been selected, since the news -- and the cover photo -- leaked onto the web Monday afternoon. But it was still cute how Dave, Kate and all the other potential cover girls pretended that it was a big surprise.  (It's also possible the show was shot before the information leaked.)

And anyway, by pretending that the cover model was still a big secret, that gave the 'Late Show' an excuse to have all the other contenders on to read a Top Ten List in their assorted sexy accents. Surely that was a move appreciated by most of Dave's male audience.

We also have to say we were impressed with Letterman's ability to keep it together in the presence of so many beautiful women. It was only a couple weeks ago that Dave was so overwhelmed by Lana Del Rey's good looks that he gave her a lifetime invitation to his show. Hmm, Lana Del Rey as 'SI''s 2013 cover girl? Now that would really put the internet into a tizzy.