Why was Jon Stewart eating food out of croc-wearing celebrity chef Mario Batali's mouth on Monday's 'Daily Show?' Oddly, it has to do with Stephen Colbert's run for president.

To make himself eligible to enter the GOP race, Colbert had to transfer control of his political action committee to his buddy Stewart. Since, by law, Colbert and Stewart can't coordinate how the PAC funds are spent, Stewart has been left trying figure out what Colbert wants him to do with the money by watching Colbert talk about his candidacy during other television appearances.

For reasons best described in the video below, Stewart concluded Colbert was signaling him to spend the PAC cash on a meal prepared by Batali. But instead of eating the meal like a normal person, Stewart chose to have Batali feed it to him like a mother bird does to her young chicks. Watch the unappetizing display below.


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