There’s no reason to believe Jon Stewart is anything but really, really cool. He’s a pro at the alphabet game, after all! Although this might be difficult to comprehend, we’ve discovered the funny guy has reached an entirely new level of awesome. And it involves dogs.

According to a segment on 'Rock Center,' every single employee at 'The Daily Show' is allowed to bring his or her favorite furry friend to work, and Jon actually encourages it. There’s no discrimination against any sort of dogs, either. ‘The Daily Show’ is stomping grounds for golden retrievers, beagles, mutts and even Zoo-Zoo the French Bulldog!

So if you’re in the middle of a stressful workday, you could easily have some quick puppy playtime and be back on track in no time. We think this "bring your dog to work" system is a genius idea, because who wouldn't enjoy a few puppy snuggles in between making hard deadlines or jamming up the copier once again? It’s like super adorable entertainment meets lots of furry friends to keep you company-- the ultimate job environment.

Once again Jon Stewart, you rule. Check out the dogs in action below.

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