Will presidential candidate Herman Cain ever live down his bizarre political ad, where chief of staff Mark Block takes a long, dramatic drag of his cigarette at the end?

We sure hope not. Otherwise, there'd be no more hysterical parodies like this one from political offspring/Twitter enthusiasts the Huntsman Daughters.

Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman's three oldest daughters have created a scathing send-up of Cain's infamous ad. In it, they openly mock Block's facial hair by wearing bushy mustaches of their own. And they even mimic Block's halting cadence as they announce support for their father's campaign.

Of course, the parody wouldn't be complete if the three women didn't address Block's long, lingering drag off a cigarette in the original ad. But instead of tobacco, they use a much healthier alternative: bubbles.

Watch the latest Herman Cain parody below. Are the Huntsman Daughters the new Meghan McCain? Or perhaps the new Bush daughters? Time will tell...

[via Time]

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