Earlier this week, we told you the only thing you really need to know about the recently announced cast of 'Dancing With The Stars.' And that would be that Jaleel White (or should we say Steve Urkel) is a shoe-in for this season's title.

However, Jimmy Kimmel still felt the need to comment further. So he ran a segment spoofing some of the season 14 picks.

Of course he started with White. "Finally, we got a star that's big enough to be known by one name -- and that name is Urkel," Kimmel joked. But when he was done with everybody's favorite 'TGIF' geek, Kimmel moved on to the rest of the "celebrity" dancers.

Melissa Gilbert has two arms -- well, that's good to know. And Jack Wagner was drunk as he was introduced? Sounds about right. Still, it's a shame that Kimmel didn't work in a reference to Urkel's signature dance hit, "Do the Urkel."