GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney came off as something of a, shall we say, "stiff." Even his most passionate supporters would admit this much. But Romney's campaign thinks they have a secret weapon in making their guy seem less like a robot. His loving, and completely human-like, wife Ann.

However, in a clip that Jimmy Kimmel uncovered, it seems Ann's influence may loosen Mitt up a bit too much. See what we mean below.

Mitt's gone wild! And we also have our first rubber chicken sighting of the 2012 presidential campaign.

Yes, Kimmel pretty clearly manipulated that video to show Mitt taking out his wife with the comedic prop. But maybe the Romney campaign should just go with the footage as real. If Mitt's willing to do that to his longtime spouse, one can only imagine what he would've done if he was the one who got the call that Bin Laden was in our sights. A dastardly Whoopie cushion trick, perhaps?