As a way to teach kids that honesty is a virtue, Jimmy Kimmel hooked a young boy up to a fake lie detector and grilled him mercilessly on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' And, for some reason, sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez is on hand wearing a pink tutu as the "Truth Fairy."

The boy, whose name is Blake, is hesitant at first to admit that he's peed in swimming pools, but after some coaxing from Kimmel and a loud buzzing noise from the fake detector, he reluctantly fesses up. The poor kid is even cajoled into admitting that he hates puppies.

In fact, it starts to seem like Kimmel could practically get the kid to say anything. As proof, he even makes the young boy utter a bad word, which immediately causes both he and Rodriguez to break into hysterics. Not that we blame them. Foul-mouthed kids make us laugh too.