Last week, Jimmy Kimmel encouraged his fans to celebrate Father's Day by spraying dear old dad with a water hose and then uploading the liquid assault to YouTube.

Hillarity ensued, much like it did after Kimmel encouraged parents to prechew food for their kids and upload the reaction. Check out the results of Kimmel's latest intra-family prank.

Looks like we've finally found a worse Father's Day gift than a tie. But paternal reactions to being hosed down are still quite varied. This is starkly demonstrated at about the 1:45 mark. First we see a father who basically ignores being blasted and calmly continues to do the dishes. Next up is a dad who reacts to the H20 like it's acid and begins flailing around like a madman.

At the end of video, we even get to see how Kimmel himself reacts to getting wet, courtesy of his son Kevin. The 18-year-old hides behind a building and than ambushes dad with a water hose. Jimmy's a good sport about it, but we guess he has to be after turning everybody's else children against them for the sake of a laugh.