These days, most folks associate 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' with Sarah Michelle Geller. But if you are 31, like Chris Pine is, you remember that the original Buffy was the equally alluring Kristy Swanson, who played her in the 1992 movie.

In fact, Pine had a huge crush on Swanson when he was in junior high. So the then-12 year old sent a letter to Premiere Magazine asking for her phone number. Of course that didn't work. But Premiere did publishes Pine's letter, causing him much humiliation in school.

Pine was telling this tale on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Thursday night, when the host had a surprise for the 'This Means War' star. Kimmel had Swanson's number and he was giving her a call on Pine's behalf.

Well that went about as well as it could. Swanson seemed genuinely surprised by the call and completely flattered by Pine's boyhood interest. As for Pine, the hearthrob (who certainly someone's celebrity crush these days) displayed the perfect amount of red-faced awkwardness during their on-air phone conversation.

Alas, the 42-year old Swanson is married, so it doesn't look like this will be the beginning of a May-December Hollywood relationship. Too bad. Maybe Pine could costar with Kristy Swanson in 'The Chase 2,' a sequel to her forgettable 1994 Charlie Sheen action movie.