If you're ever robbed at gunpoint, you should hope to have this kid's nerves of steel. Or maybe it's just a teenager's typical "Whatever, man" attitude, but utilized at a maximally effective moment. Either way, this Jimmy John's employee in Kansas City is now America's favorite fast-food worker for his cool under pressure.

His whole no-big-deal demeanor as he removes his glove, opens the register, takes out the cash (even all the coins!) and hands it over, all while this guy is waving a gun inches from his face -- it looks like he's thinking, "Come on, man, this is a Jimmy John's. I make minimum wage and there's like 35 bucks here. Just take it. Why in the world did you pick this place to rob?"

You can practically hear him sighing in disgust, rather than panicking in fear, as many would. He even tries to give his assailant the empty tray, too. The tray!

Some have suggested in the comments that maybe the kid noticed the gun was jammed, and that's why he's so calm. But we're not so sure. This kid's attitude doesn't budge from when the guy first approaches to the moment the gun comes out and all the way through the robbery. He doesn't adjust his demeanor at all upon noticing that the gun's jammed, if he even noticed at all.

(And besides, would you take that chance? Guns can un-jam, right? And you can still get hit in the face with one.)

Here's to you, Jimmy John's Kid -- America hopes you get a well-deserved raise, even if you don't give a s***.

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