In Jimmy Fallon's ongoing feature #LateNightHashtags, he recently asked his viewers to Tweet tales of their worst Valentine's Day using the hashtag #MyWorstValentine. The idea was so popular that it became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter less than five minutes after he proposed it.

On Thursday's show, Fallon read some of the Tweets, which include hilariously awkward stories of peanut butter allergies and new satin sheets that proved too slippery.

Our favorite is the first one Fallon read, from a woman who Tweeted that for one V-Day her boyfriend told her to "Go to the store, pick out a card you like, and I’ll sign it." Harsh.

Fallon, however, seemed most taken with a woman whose boyfriend "...wrote a poem about how fluffy my hair was and how he would 'hide in it' during a storm." In fact, Fallon began singing a song about the Tweet, which he thought was like a Sade lyric. (Actually, we're pretty sure poet boy ripped that one off a pretty famous Gun's n Roses song.)

You can check out all the #MyWorstValentine tweets at the 'Late Night' website.