Cindy Stowell's run on Jeopardy! that captivated the nation is over, but not before the show paid homage to her.

Stowell won six games on the iconic game show while battling the cancer that ultimately took her life earlier this month. She fell in the seventh game, which aired Wednesday. After the game concluded, the show honored the woman from Austin, Tex., who donated all her winnings to cancer research and passed away before the episodes aired.

Stowell, who had Stage IV cancer at the time of the tapings, won slightly more than $103,000 during her time on Jeopardy! She had reportedly told producers she had cancer and none of the other contestants were aware.

Host Alex Trebek also took a moment to acknowledge Stowell, who managed to keep her run a secret. And if you're curious, she donated the money to the Cancer Research Institute. You can learn more about donating here.

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