A very enterprising film buff and photographer created a series of photographs that turn some of the cinema's most classic moments into pure, unadulterated kiddie cuteness.

Photographer Jan von Holleben of Germany got together a group of neighborhood kids and a bunch of homemade costumes and props to create faithful stills of famous movie moments by laying them all on the ground.

Some of von Holleben's photographs are an ultra-cute homage to movies like 'Star Wars,' 'King Kong' and 'Ghostbusters.'

The photographer told The Daily Mail said she often uses children in her photography. She also works as a teacher and knows how to incorporate "the visual representation of childhood, child-history and concepts of playing" in both of her careers. She also likes to combine them with her "personal experience and childhood memories" that often involve watching some of the world's most famous films.

The most impressive part of the photographs aren't the style -- it's the substance. She accurately recreates some of the most famous and detailed movie scenes using nothing but simple household objects. For instance, her 'King Kong' photograph of the climatic moment when the movie monster climbs the Empire State Building is really just a couple of briefcases and a mop handle to represent the top of the tower. It actually takes awhile for your brain to realize the objects she used to make the scene.

We hope the cash-strapped movie studios are seeing these. They could certainly use her art direction skills to save themselves a couple of bucks without skimping on the scenery. Check out more of Jan von Holleben's work below.