Then: Jamie Walters first made the ladies swoon on the Aaron Spelling-produced drama 'The Heights.' (Walters played the lead singer of the titular fictional band, which scored a real hit in 1992 with the show's theme song 'How Do You Talk to an Angel?') But his sideburns screamed 'Beverly Hills, 90210,' so Spelling created a role for Walters on that hit series as the abusive musician boyfriend of Tori Spelling's Donna Martin character.

Now: Perhaps due to the fact that his Ray Pruitt character famously threw Donna down a flight of stairs, both Walters' acting and music career fizzled soon after '90210.'  So Walters got certified as a paramedic and became a full time paramedic/firefighter for Los Angeles County. Walters still performs music, and in 2009 the now-42-year-old tried to jumpstart his showbiz career by appearing on VH1's 'Confession of a Teen Idol.' Is it too much to hope for a 'Heights' reunion tour?

Watch Jamie soulfully emote in the video for 'How Do You Talk to an Angel?' below

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