What you just heard is a song called 'It's My Life what ever I wanna do' and it's got everything. Seriously, it's like the dude just took his entire synth library and dumped the thing in all at once. Pretty sure there's even a breaking glass sound effect tossed in there at the beginning. And that's not even the crazy part.

Can we just discuss the lyrics for a minute? Probably not, because people are going to be discussing these lyrics for years. "Hey hey hey, what the hell do U think of yourself?" asks the background singer. "I always search Good in Bad... I also search Bad in Good.....So..ooooooooo......I am a Very Good Bad Boy."

But that's not all. We know it doesn't make any sense, but neither does the part where he says he's a "Kids Lover," or really any of it, for that matter. For the record, those are the lyrics exactly as presented by Venu Mallesh, who wrote the song. To best understand how this makes us feel, look at the background singer's face at 2:28 -- even she can't believe what she's hearing and she's in the song.

If 'Hot Cheetos and Takis' was our summer jam, 'It's My Life what ever I wanna Do' will be our fall anthem, because the fall is all about losing your mind and crazy midi drum solos, last we checked.

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