Yep, this actually happened. (Maybe.) Going down in Montreal, the video -- in which an eagle unsuccessfully attempts to snatch up a toddler -- has racked up over 1 million YouTube hits in just one day.

Luckily, from either a lack of strength on the eagle's part or the toddler gobbling on too much Canadian bacon, the eagle lost its grasp just feet away from the grab site.

Props to the cameraman, who decided to make light of the situation about halfway through the video, adding some score to it. We won't lie; with that music in play we were kind of rooting for the eagle.

Still, some are questioning the video's veracity claiming that it's the creation of a bunch of pranksters who are handy with the CGI. What do you think? Did the baby actually get snatched, or are all being pranked?

Update: Take a closer look at the video below which calls shenanigans on the whole scene.