"Noisy Jelly" is no longer just the name of an college folk music duo. It's an actual thing.

A couple of very innovative chemists and musicologists have invented a form of wobbly gelatin that can respond to touch with their own unique sound.

The "Noisy Jelly" set featured on Designboom comes with four jars of agar powder that represent a different sound, and nine gelatin molds. The final mixes are placed on a capacitive sensor board that responds to the sensitivity of touch and can create high and low notes by moving your fingers up and down the gelatin ("Up and Down the Gelatin" is also the name of a college folk music duo).

The sound produced also varies with the shape of the mold and their level of "salt concentration." The noise the jelly produces comes from the amount of salt in the shape. It creates an electrical charge that is conducted through touch and the sounding board.

Frankly, we could care less about the science. We just think it's cool that playing with your food finally has another meaning.

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