Enjoy as some of Hollywood's elite shares a holiday classic.

Celebrity impressionist Jim Meskimen reads The Night Before Christmas in 27 different voices. He shows serious range, as he shows off the pipes of Robert De Niro, Dr. Phil, Bill Clinton and Morgan Freeman, among others.

Not only are the voices pitch perfect, but so are the facial expressions. You will laugh and enjoy this. Consider it a well-deserved break from all the Grinches, stress of buying and wrapping presents and dangers posed while trying to get into the spirit of the season.

His impressions are spot on and just when you think you found a favorite he comes at you with another one that makes you second guess yourself. For our money, though, Tim Gunn, David Letterman and President Obama truly stood out.

If you like Meskimen, check out some of his micro-impressions, which include some of more A-listers for you to be wowed that he can impersonate.

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