If you've ever wondered what waiters are really thinking when they're waiting on you, wonder no more.

This video sheds some light on just what waiters would like to say to their customers if they could. So, when you ask for a soda without ice, request your order come out fast because you're in a hurry or send back your burger since it's not quite the medium rare you wanted, just remember the people bringing your food and drink have feelings, too -- even if they're holding them back in the name of the good tip they're hoping they'll receive, but may not because you have a 20% off coupon and you don't plan to leave gratuity on the original cost of the meal.

Come to think of it you may be better off just ordering in. But then again you'll have to start wondering about that whole "if deliverymen were honest" thing and you probably don't want to deal with that, do you?

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