Some disgruntled mother or roommate with the username "Chrissyg<3" posted a recipe on for ice cubes, under the desperate assumption that perhaps people just weren't aware of the process by which one makes them.

She writes, "I am publishing this recipe, because I am sure that there are other families who have members who don't know how or have forgotten how to make ice when the ice tray is empty."

But it looks like the joke is her. The recipe blew up on the internet and hundreds of people couldn't resist harping on the passive aggressive set of directions and posted even more sarcastic reviews of her sarcastic recipe on the site. Here are some of our favorites:

"I was wondering if you had a crock-pot version for this recipe. I work long hours and I just don't have the time to invest in this kind of hands-on cooking, but they really look yummy."

"I made a few adjustments...... used a pot instead of trays. boiled instead of freezing. Added salt, potatoes, carrots and beef to the water. It turned out more like soup instead of ice cubes. Next time I will make a few more adjustments to try and get this recipe to work for me."

"Way too much water taste for my family! Terrible recipe, avoid at all costs."

"Is this recipe available with metric measurements so it can be made in Europe?"

Thank you for your recipe. We make something very similar in Guatemala. Our version is called hielo, and instead of water we use agua."

"Does any one have a refrigerator version of the recipe? The original is just a little too cold for my taste. I tried increasing the freeze time, but I have had pre-ice in the fridge since 2011 and it is still a little wet."

"My grandmother had the best ice-cubes ever!!! until now!! These are fantastic!! I will no longer be using her recipe. Awsome!! thanks so much for this it truly is a keeper."

And of course, the one guy on the internet who somehow didn't get the joke:

"Believe it or not, ice cubes made with HOT water freeze faster than those made with cold water (something to do with the accelerating rate of cooling). They also freeze clearer, and harder. seriously - next time you make ice, fill one tray with cold water, and the other with hot water. Come back in two hours, and see which tray has frozen more, and which are clearer and harder."