"This is a cutthroat job." That's hardly the sentiment you'd expect to describe this career.

That's exactly how Victor, an ice cream man in Brooklyn, N.Y., sums up what he does, though. While we all identify ice cream trucks and their music with summer, not many of us think about the people who drive around, hour after hour, searching for customers to provide relief.

As it turns out, it's a grind. Victor explains how many hours he works, the routes he takes and the money he's able to make. He also clues us in to what he does in his down time (TV, working out) and that he gets a certain joy in having the power to make kids happy. Yes, ice cream has an amazing effect on children.

And, yes, there is the "cutthroat" aspect of the job -- the other drivers who try to worm their way onto his turf, not to mention other (ice cream) headaches, such as blown equipment, people who complain about his music and others who feel the truck is an eyesore in the area.

It's actually an interesting look into a business you don't think about too often, but no doubt take part in in some capacity.