What happens when you combine two American classics?

The good people at The Shark 102.1 and 105.3, in Portsmouth, NH, have created this delightful little ditty called "I Love Lobster Rolls," a perfect parody of the hit song "I Love Rock 'n' Roll," made famous by Joan Jett. The video even features a cameo by local viral star the Hillbilly Weatherman, so you just know this is the real deal.

And who better to sing about the awesomeness of lobster rolls than good New England folk? It's one of their calling cards, along with brutal winters and cheering on the Red Sox.

This video certainly ups the ante. You don't see New Yorkers putting together a song about how much they love pizza or folks from Kansas City singing the praises of barbecue.

The thought of lobster meat and melted butter is already causing our cholesterol count to soar, but it's totally worth it. We're going to get a lobster roll and pray that it's as good as this video has made it look.