Given the massive success of 'The Hunger Games' film adaptation -- it raked in $155 million over the weekend, making it the third biggest opening of all time -- internet parodies are already starting to stack up. But perhaps the funniest of all is a recreation of the film starring adorable Beanie Babies. Remember those?

This isn't just some low-rent fan parody, mind you. It's more than 11 minutes long, has professional voice acting, a soundtrack and, of course, plush stuffed animals trying to kill each other.

A blue jay plays the role of "Katniss Everbean," (get it??) while a yellow duck plays her love interest Peeta. (Fan favorites Rue, Haymitch, Caesar Flickerman and others appear as well.) There's also a bit of Beanie-on-Beanie violence complete with little plastic beans as gore. Oh, the horror!

This awesome parody was created by Jeff Luppino-Esposito, Jamie T. McCelland and an extensive team of puppeteers and voice actors for the website The Online Musical. Is it the best of the recent crop of 'Hunger Games' parodies?