Henry River Mill Village in the town of Hildebran, North Carolina was not a place accustomed to a lot of visitors. But all that changed last year when 'The Hunger Games' was filmed there and used the setting as the post-apocalyptic district Katniss called home. The land's current owner, an 83-year-old named Wade Shepherd, is now selling the property after the film's success turned it into a tourist attraction, with fans coming by every day and taking photos.

Therefore, he has now decided to sell the village for $1.4 million.

Shepered bought the abandoned village after a fire in 1977 burned down what was formerly home to cotton mills. The 72-acre property counts the Everdeen family shack and the Mellark family bakery as its notable landmarks, thus making it the ultimate hangout for any (extremely wealthy) 'Hunger Games' fan who buys the village.

If fans are wondering why Shepered can't capitalize on the film's success himself, it's because he doesn't want to. Sheperd bought the village to protect his own interests and to keep people away from his own home across the river. Plus he's 83. He hasn't read the books, nor has he watched the blockbuster film. (He's probably also wondering why anybody would name their child Katniss.) Considering there are two more sequels on the way, we figure Lionsgate themselves must be eager to snap up the property for themselves. After all, what's $1.4 million to a movie studio when the 'Hunger Games' has already grossed over $250 million at the box office.

[Via AVClub]

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