Buying a Mother's Day gift is a daunting task. While moms are generally firmly in the "it's the thought that counts" camp when it comes to gifts from their children, you still want to get something good for the woman who's given you so much.

So how about a Stichtagram, which is a throw pillow decorated with all your favorite Instagram pictures?

Since mom probably hasn't quite figured out the whole Facebook thing, all the shots you've uploaded over the past couple years with the popular photo app would be new to her.

Of course, you should probably use some discretion on which of the Instagrams that you use. And obviously you should throw in some of those photos you took with your iPhone the last time the family got together. But if you can get your photos together before April 23rd, the Stichtagram of your creation will arrive in time for Mother's Day.

The handmade pillow is 15-inches and comes with a removable cushion insert. It cost $95 plus shipping, so it's not exactly a bargain gift. But, really, who can put a price on memories that you can also sit on?