Fast food is a glorious thing. And we're big fans of fast food from Chipotle. But what's better than the menu at Chipotle? The secret menu at Chipotle.

We're fans of doing things differently here at TheFW, so of course we'd want this to reflect in our choice of fast food. We mean, if you're going to be eating food outside anyway, you might as well give yourself some hipster cred and order things that nobody else knows about, right? Below, we've listed some items from the Chipotle secret menu as well as how to order them. Just don't tell them we sent you!


Ah, the Burritodilla. If you want crunchy, crispy and cheesy goodness, then this monster is the way to go. This is like a Quesarito, but smaller and with only half of the fillings of a regular burrito. Order this badboy by having them place a handful of cheese on one side of a burrito and then asking for half the amount of regular burrito fillings on top, followed by another handful of cheese. Fold that sucker over and stick it in the warmer for a few minutes.

Double Wrapped Burrito

This isn't rocket science, people. You can totally get your burrito with two tortilla shells! Double the pleasure, y'all.

Extra Fillings

The Fajitas Veggies are free toppings that you can get on all your dishes! More fillings for all, and salsa for those that want it. Just be careful not to pig out too much.

Extra Shells

If you order a Burrito Bowl, you can also ask for some extra tortilla shells, for free. This means you can essentially use your bowl to create your very own custom meals. Let your culinary creativity fly.


Did you know cilantro is free at Chipotle? Add it to any order, gratis! It might not be a huge deal, but it can add a kick to any meal.

Chipotle Nachos

Order this items to get a bowl full of cheese, meat, beans, veggies, salsas and more on top of a bed of nacho chips. It's big, it's delicious and it's definitely made for sharing -- or not.

Single Taco

Not ravenous enough to devour three tacos? Then order just a single taco and fill it up with whatever you want! It's a light snack that's heavy on flavor and won't fill you up to bursting.

Taco Salad

This next Secret Menu item can be pretty rare, so good luck finding it. It's basically a taco salad with an extra fried tortilla bowl, giving your meal a much-needed crunch. If you can't find it, just order Chipotle Nachos and ask for some extra lettuce. It won't be the same, but it'll be close!


These are pretty straightforward items and come with a healthy (or not), amount of cheese and any regular burrito fillings you desire. They're flat, cheesy and delicious, so get one now!


If you really want to have an adventure, order the Quesarito. This cheesy affront to nature is a large burrito with a shell made out of a cheese quesadilla. If you aren't shivering in your boots, then you should start doing so now. Having the blend of crispy, crunchy and cheesy flavors will definite have you tapping out in joy at Chipotle.