Here's a new video from the folks at How It Should Have Ended, featuring a hilarious alternate ending for 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.'

Whenever a new movie comes out, there are always camps that are formed. Folks either love the movie and accept it for what it was or they have problems with what was presented and try to nitpick every detail. While it might be annoying to hear a bunch of Debbie Downers pooh-pooh a movie that the masses all enjoy, all because of some minor facts like a character appearing in the movie who wasn't present in the book, it's decidedly more entertaining when presented in a funny, animated short.

In this video, we see short clips from the movie that have been given alternate outcomes. More often than not, the characters just speak about obvious plotholes or inconsistencies that were on the minds of more discerning movie-goers as they watched. Some examples are the budding romance between Kili, the Dwarf, and Tauriel, the Elven Captain of the Guard that started with an innuendo, and the fact that no one told Radagast that he had bird poop in his hair.

Then there are the glaringly obvious and simple solutions to some of the bigger problems in the film, such as how the Company expected to traipse into The Lonely Mountain to do battle with a dragon that can only be killed with a Black Arrow, without said weapon. And, in knowing that a Black Arrow was needed, why didn't Thorin ask the people of Laketown to give him all of the Black Arrows they had in order to fight Smaug. Again, it's all in good fun and wonderfully animated.

Watch the video above and see how things could have been different for Bilbo and the Company!