Unsatisfied with the ending to the summer blockbuster 'Avengers'? If so, the folks at How It Should Have Ended are here to help with an alternative (and hysterical) conclusion to the superhero flick.

Following their climactic battle against Loki and his evil army in the streets of Manhattan, the Avengers (SPOILER ALERT!) sit down for a meal of the Middle Eastern street food called shawarma. And, for some reason, rival DC superheroes Superman and Batman are there to point out glaring holes in the plot, like the Hulk's sudden ability to control his rage and Professor Selvig's convenient invention of a way to close Loki's portal.

"You know what I think? I think you two are just jealous that we knocked it out of the park," says Iron Man in response.

"I guess I would be jealous if I wasn't, like, all of you combined," retorts Superman. But, unfortunately, the Man of Steel's insults are drowned out by the sound of box office money literally piling up.

Clearly this video is playing on DC and Marvel's rivalry at the summer box office. With 'The Dark Knight Rises' coming, who will be the victor?