Daredevil or fool? You decide.

A video of a guy casually hoverboarding atop a skyscraper in Dubai has been making the rounds...and could potentially make you sick when you see just what he's doing.

According to Deadspin, the guy pulling off this stunt is Russian, although one wrong move and he'd be part of the nation of splat.

This guy is waaaay to close to the edge for our taste (or the taste of any sane person) and even has the gumption to do a handstand on his hoverboard while inches from falling over a few thousand feet to certain and ridiculous death.

There's a fine line between showing off and showing the world how dumb you really are. This fella is straddling that line like no one ever has before.

What do you think? Is this a neat stunt or is this guy nothing more than a buffoon?