Spoilers! If you really don't want to know why 'Mass Effect 3' is going to be really disappointing, then don't watch this trailer. If, on the other hand, you would like to get a few good laughs out of just how disappointing 'Mass Effect 3' is going to be, definitely watch the 'Honest Trailer' for the game, which pretty much spells it all out.

Much like the honest trailer for 'The Hunger Games,' the 'Mass Effect 3' trailer from the folks at Break really picks up on all the hype then turns it against itself to highlight the fact that this game is, in fact, not all that. Highlighted points to support this argument include, but are not limited to, its "broken cover system," "overblown grandiose speeches," "sad music" and "an ending that will leave you saying 'why?'"

Also, they show you the ending. If you care how this game ends, this is probably not the trailer for you. If you have a sense of humor or have already beaten the game since it came out months ago, by all means, watch away!

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