This baby is a "peace" of work.

A Boston couple expecting a baby went to the doctor for a sonogram of their bun in the oven and were surprised to see the little tyke giving a peace sign.

Parents-to-be Janine Godfrey and her hubby, Ryan, were at the doctor to learn the baby's gender when the little hippie stole the show with the symbol.

Janine didn't actually catch the scene when it happened, claiming she was occupied by looking at his other parts. "The baby's moving around, raising his hands," she said. "I didn't see it. The tech was dying over there. She said 'Look at him now. He's giving the peace sign.'"

The couple will be having a boy, who is due in April. And when he gets here, you can bet his parents will have a pretty far out story to tell him about something he did long before he was even born.