Just call her the "Secretary of Fun." Hillary Clinton, who was in Cartagena, Colombia this weekend for the Summit of The Americas, was seen drinking and dancing along with a posse of female aides late Saturday night at a club called Café Havana.

Some will note the irony of the US Secretary of State hanging out at a "Café Havana," given that the United States' insistence that Cuba not be represented at the Summit of Americas was a bone of contention during the conference. But, according to onlookers, Clinton wasn't focused on international diplomacy as she partied until 1 AM. "She looked like she was having a great time," an onlooker told Reuters.

When asked if Clinton had fun during her night on the town, a State Department official replied "a lot."

A couple weeks ago the Tumblr 'Texts From Hillary,' which featured Clinton wearing a pair of intense sunglasses and looking too cool for school, took the web by storm. And now this. Has Hillary Clinton become the ultra-hip politician everybody thought Barack Obama was when he was elected president? Who would've imagined?

Check out the photos of Clinton knocking back beers and dancing like a spring breaker here. We anxiously await the inevitable cell phone video of Madam Secretary's late night exploits.

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