This kid just woke up from surgery. Of course, to get him to sleep for this surgery, the surgical team had to give him certain medications. These certain medications seem to be still affecting young Matthew even after he’s woken up.

Despite the fact that he’s a bit loopy and is sporting a large, orange cast, Matthew appears to be in pretty good spirits. He says, "I feel fine," and that he’s just a little, in his words, “dizzzzzaaaay.” He goes from drunken fraternity brother, to ditzy valley girl, to grandma’s boy and back to frat "bro" when he sees dad.

His friendly, “What’s up, man?” 'tude shows he’s happy to host the party that seems to have started in his room. It must seem like a big party to him because he asks his grandmother, "Why is there two of you?"

His family couldn’t resist getting his half-baked state on camera and we can’t resist watching it over and over. Right down to the poor boy’s moment of flatulence that he feels it is important to ‘fess up to. Even while he’s under the influence of some pretty heavy medication, he minds his manners.

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