Ron Chane's plan to smooth his city's streets has hit a bump in the road.

Police are investigating Chane after he took asphalt from Jackson, Mississippi and used it to cover potholes.

Chane said he filled 101 potholes in what became a labor of love:

It's sort of like Robin Hood. Once we saw that people were appreciating what we did, we went out again and made a goal of fixing 100 potholes. We've actually filled 101 potholes, so our mission has been completed."

After completing a job, Chane leaves a calling card by writing "citizen fixed."

Authorities are trying to determine how Chane got his hands on the asphalt and will determine whether or not to press charges.

Jackson's mayor is certainly not a fan of Chane's methods. He released a statement chastising him by saying, "We do not accept any use of the city's resources without going through the proper legal channels."

For his part, Chane doesn't see what all the hoopla is about, noting, "We're not trying to be thieves, or steal from the city. We're just trying to put the asphalt to use."

What do you think? Is Chane a hero or should he be punished for doing something the city should handle?

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