We can understand someone not liking the name that their parents gave them. It's not like they had any say in the matter when their parents decided to give them a moniker that could earn them more teasing on the playground than names like Terry Bull, Mary Christmas or Andy Dick.

Tyler Gold of York, Nebraska, however, sounds like a perfectly normal name to us. The one he changed it to makes us extremely jealous of its awesomeness: Tyrannosaurus Rex.

York Rex, 23, changed his name to the terrible lizard king to help his new business. He said in his official filing with the York County District Court that he wanted the new name to help make himself and his new company more recognizable to potential customers. He also told the court that the name is "cooler." He offered a similar explanation on the witness before a local judge who somehow didn't laugh at the idea until his head exploded.

Instead, the judge approved the name change, making Rex a real person in the local phone book.

The story doesn't say what business Rex plans to enter into with his new name. The possibilities, however, are endless. Personally, we're hoping he's starting a dental practice or an all you can eat raw meat restaurant.