Heinz just couldn't wait for the Super bowl to unveil its commercial that will air during the big game.

The spot is called "Wiener Stampede" and features a throng of dachshunds with hot dogs strapped on their backs running through a wide open field to a waiting group of humans dressed as a variety of Heinz ketchup bottles, while the classic Badfinger ballad "Without You" plays.

Considering the amount of food people are going to eat during the Super Bowl, advertising a classic condiment seems to be a good fit, even if it's one the masses are already familiar with and enjoy seemingly more than any other (you don't actually eat Hunt's ketchup, do you?).

It's kitschy and amusing all at the same time.

What do you think? Do you like the ad or is Heinz, ahem, just barking up the wrong tree here?

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