Don't worry, kids -- 'Gangnam Style,' the infectious viral hit by Korean rapper Psy, is bound to run out of steam sooner or later, right? Wrong. Last night on the MTV EMAs, host Heidi Klum starred in a brief clip with Psy and broke out her best horsey dance.

Forget about Klum's staggering number of wardrobe changes (eight Versace dresses!) during the course of the night. This video, where she dances with Psy while wearing a blue tuxedo jacket, black pants and black bowtie, is where it's at.

Although the clip is only a little more than 20 seconds long, that's still plenty of time for Klum to show off some fancy footwork on a moving walkway with some sassy lip-licking.

And apparently, the segment was a much fun to perform as it looked. "Had so much fun dancing w @psy_oppa! What do you guys think of my Gangnam Style? #mtvema," Klum tweeted.

Heidi Klum and Psy Do 'Gangnam Style'
Twitter/Heidi Klum