The 1998 comedy 'Heathers' was a pretty unique film. A wicked satire, it managed to successfully lampoon the sensitive topic of teen suicide, among other highly politically incorrect plot lines.

It was also unusual in that the film's three stars -- Christian Slater, Winona Ryder and Shannen Doherty -- were actually the age of high school students when they shot the movie.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Bravo is rebooting 'Heathers' as a TV series. To celebrate, lets check up on the actors who played the original students of Westerburg High.

Winona Ryder, Veronica Sawyer

winona ryder
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Then: Winona Ryder memorably played protagonist Veronica, who managed to become part of the exclusive Heathers clique even though she didn't share their first name. The-then 16-year-old was already an actress of some note, having played supporting roles in 'Lucas' and 'Beetlejuice.'

Now: After more than 20 years of hit movies, high-profile relationship and shoplifting scandals, Ryder keeps rolling along. She recently appeared in the movies 'Black Swan' (where she played on her aging screen persona) and 'The Dilemma,' and will star in the upcoming dramas 'The Iceman' and 'Homefront.'

Christian Slater, Jason "J.D." Dean

christian slater
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Then: Christian Slater had a breakthrough role as rebel-with-a-murderous-cause "J.D." Dean in 'Heathers.' (The part was initially offered to Brad Pitt, but ultimately producers turned him down because he was "too nice.") Slater broke into showbiz at age seven on the soap opera 'The Edge of Night,' and first got noticed after his starring role in 1985’s 'The Legend of Billie Jean.'

Now: Slater’s film career began to slow around the turn of the century, and his first two attempts to reinvent himself as a TV star failed with the cancellation of 'My Own Worst Enemy' and 'The Forgotten.' However, the 43-year old is currently part of the cast of the sitcom 'Breaking In' and next year will star alongside Sylvester Stallone in the Walter Hill thriller 'Bullet To The Head.'

Shannen Doherty, Heather Duke

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Then: It was Doherty’s role as Heather Duke that first exposed the former 'Little House on The Prairie' and 'Our House' star as the notorious bad girl we all know her as today. Two years later, she returned to TV and her most famous role as Brenda Walsh on 'Beverly Hills 90210.'

Now: In 2008, Doherty brought Brenda back for the '90210' reboot. Lately she's become a reality TV star with a stint on 'Dancing With the Stars' in 2010 and her latest project, the WeTV series 'Shannen Says,' which tracks the preparations for her real-life marriage to cameraman Kurt Iswarienko.

Kim Walker, Heather Chandler

kim walker

Then: Wilson played smart-mouthed queen bee Heather Chandler, whose Drano-induced death set Veronica and J.D. on an even more murderous rampage.

Now: Tragically, Walker died of a brain tumor in 2001 at age 32. (An irony not lost on 'Heathers' fans due to her "brain tumor for breakfast" line from the movie.) Her last onscreen appearance was 2000’s 'Killing Cinderella.'

Lisanne Falk, Heather McNamara


Then: Falk played Heather McNamara, a stereotypically ditzy cheerleader. As a 14-year-old model, Falk appeared on the cover of Foreigner’s 1979 album 'Head Games.'

Now: Falk’s biggest post-'Heathers' role was opposite Billy Baldwin in 1998’s 'Shattered Image,' which she also co-produced. The 47-year-old hasn't had an acting credit since the 2000 short film 'Casablanca.'

Patrick Labyorteaux, Ram Sweeney

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Then: You might remember Labyorteaux as Ram Sweeney, a meat-headed, cow-tipping jock who J.D. and Veronica kill, and then make it look like his death was a result of a suicide pact with his fellow football player and "gay lover."

Now: Layborteaux is best known for playing Bud Rogers for 11 seasons on 'JAG.' His last role was in the movie '2012 Ice Age.'

Phill Lewis, Dennis

phill then
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Then: Lewis played yearbook editor Dennis in 'Heathers.' It was his first movie role after appearing on TV shows like '227' and 'Hill Street Blues.'

Now: Lewis is best known for his run as Mr. Mosby on 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.' He is currently on another Disney show, playing Wolfie on 'Special Agent Oso.'

Renée Estevez , Betty Finn

betty finn

Then: Renee Estevez -- sister to Emilo Estevez and Charlie Sheen and daughter of Martin Sheen -- played Veronica’s geeky former best friend, Betty Finn, in 'Heathers.'

Now: Estevez’s most famous role was opposite Martin Sheen as President Bartlet's office assistant Nancy on 'The West Wing.' Her last onscreen appearance was also alongside her dad in the 2010 comedy 'The Way.'

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