'Star Wars' fans think of Han Solo and his furry partner in crime Chewbacca as the coolest renegades in the galaxy. They're both tough as nails and aren't afraid to shoot someone with lasers or let out an indecipherable grunt.

Now picture both of these sci-fi movie heroes as babies and you get two of the cutest little gentlemen in cosplay history.

Flickr user thekarpiuks (aka Lucas and Lesley Karpiuk) one day decided to make a cardboard replica of the Millennium Falcon for their 9-month-old, 'cause as they say, "what kid DOESN'T need their very own Millennium Falcon?"

But they soon realized that even with an awesome baby version of the coolest spaceship and dressing up their kid as Harrison Ford's iconic character, they still needed his furry Wookie pal. That's where the family's schnauzer came in.

Baby Han Solo and Chewbacca

Check out the rest of the photos at the Karpiuks Flickr page and their family blog.

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