If you're like us, you are often overcome with an all-encompassing urge to listen to the musical stylings of blue-eyed soul giants Hall and Oates.

While that desire can usually be quelled by using your iPod to listen to literally any movie soundtrack ever made, what happens when such a device is out of reach? Or if, for some inexplicable reason, you have neglected to download any of the legendary duo's substantial catalogue?

Thanks to Callin' Oates, now all you would have to do in that uncomfortable situation is dial 719-26-OATES (719-266-2837) on your phone.

After dialing this number (which is an actual honest-to-goodness hotline), you're then prompted to select if you'd like to hear the Hall and Oates hits 'One on One,' 'Rich Girl,' 'Maneater,' or 'Private Eyes.' Why 'Adult Education' didn't make the cut is another issue entirely.

Learn more about this essential service -- which is brought to you by the tech company Twilo -- below. Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll be dialing up a little ditty about a men-devouring woman who only comes out at night.

[via MSNBC]