This is not your traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Vat19, a company that sells gummy candies, in addition to other unusual gifts, decided to make a Thanksgiving candy meal. You'll get diabetes just by watching this video.

In addition to a 20-pound gummy turkey, which clocks in at a hard-to-fathom 25,625 calories, the meal also includes such offbeat side dishes as green jelly bean casserole (3,055 calories), cereal marshmallow casserole (2,959 calories), edible gravy bubbles (80 calories), corn on the cobsicle (35 calories), gummy cranberry sauce (2,000 calories), pumpkin pie soda (170 calories) and pumpkin pie lollipops (540 calories).

All told, the food at this meal registers 41,454 calories and probably twice that many regrets for anyone who actually goes up for seconds (anyone who dares to eat this may be someone who shouldn't come to Thanksgiving dinner). Seriously, actually eating this food is the worst thing you can do on Turkey Day aside from letting these no-nos come out of your mouth.

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