If you know anything about us here at TheFW, it's that we love a good, harmless prankCell phone crashing and embarrassing people with talking elevators are just a couple we particularly fancy. Basically, we'd like to think of ourselves as joking experts. So when we recently came across a prank we've never before encountered, we took a humble blow to our humor egos and laughed our pants off.

Remember that awesomely annoying game "guess who?" you played as a kid? It's where you go up behind someone, slyly cover their eyes and ask said question. If you're the pranker, it's hilarious, but if you're the victim, it could get irritating pretty quickly.

Fortunately, some guy from BYU took the hysterical route and filmed himself playing "guess who?" with complete strangers around campus. What ensued is super awkward and super entertaining.