The internet is vast and complicated. But can the comedy classic 'Groundhog Day' explain the often befuddling series of tubes?

Redditor monster_hugs thinks it can. Using the famous diner scene from the movie -- in which Bill Murray tells the life story of everyone in the restaurant -- he has crafted an elaborate set of story boards which take on many of the social media sites that now make up so much of the internet.

In the feature, Murray's Phil Connors character explains to Andie MacDowell's Rita how Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and host of other popular sites work, and how you can tell a lot about person from what they post there.

It's a fairly even-handed assessment -- particularly from someone with obvious Reddit biases. Take a look at it below and tell us what you think. One thing is for sure. The folks who understand the internet best -- like monster_hugs -- appear to have a lot of time on their hands. (Note: NSFW for language.)