After about 15 years of suffering humiliating defeat after humiliating defeat the Washington Redskins' once-proud fan base has something to be excited about in Robert Griffin III, as the rookie QB dismantled the New Orleans Saints, en route to a surprising 40-32 road victory in the opening week of the season.

RG3 also showed a flair for the dramatic during the game by throwing an 88-yard TD as he was hit. Then, when the play was complete, he thrust his arms into the air while he was still on the ground, creating a pose that some Skins' fans are now imitating in a new "Griffining" meme.

So does this mean Griffining in the new Tebowing? The Washington faithful might not be too happy about that comparison because if one extends it their newly anointed franchise savior will be playing backup QB for the New York Jets by this time next year. So enjoy these photos of Griffining before Skins' fans realize that it's a trap.