Every Thursday, Kandace Seyferth and her ten-year old daughter Madisyn watch the hospital soap 'Grey's Anatomy' together. Those weekly girl's nights with "McDreamy" and company may well have saved Kandace's life.

When the 36-year old Sheboygan, WI., woman suffered a severe asthma attack and fell to the floor unresponsive Madisyn didn't panic. Instead she calmly called 911 and then, with the help of her friend Katelynn Vreeke, administered on her mother CPR techniques she had learned by watching Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and the rest of Seattle Grace.

[The firefighters and paramedics] pretty much said if Maddie didn't remain calm and call 911 and do what she did, I wouldn't even be here to talk about it," explained Kandace, who is recovering after a stint in the hospital.

Watch Madisyn and Katelynn explain how they saved Kandace with the help of 'Grey's Anatomy' below.

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[via ABC News]