New Yorkers are used to seeing strange sights in their city. But pedestrians in Midtown Manhattan still stopped and started taking pictures when they caught a glimpse of German performance artist Johan Lorbeer's latest stunt.

Lorbeer, who is known for creating gravity-defying installations in public spaces, appeared to be standing suspended in air. It's all part of an ad campaign for Rockport's new truWALKzero. The company boasts that the shoes are really light, hence Lorbeer's floating in air routine.

According to Rockport's press release:

Drawing on Rockport’s rich and authentic heritage in designing flexible and lightweight shoes, truWALKzero takes cues from performance technologies with a unique sole, which incorporates flex grooves that boast amazing flexibility."

If you didn't already figure it out, Lorbeer is pretty open about using hidden harnesses in his art. So, yeah, that's not really his arm touching the giant cube.

His assistant Maren also got in on the act. Check out a photo of her below, and also a video of one Lorbeer's previous "installations."